Consider adding a nebulizer to your home emergency medical kit.

This is not medical advice.

Nebulizing has saved me trips to the emergency department

Purchasing a nebulizer

Products I use when nebulizing

L-Glutathione Plus by Theranaturals

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Lugol's iodine


Frequency of nebulizing

Extremely sick with a viral infection: I nebulize every 2-3 hours (including overnight when it's really bad).

When I catch it early (nose is stuffed up or mild symptoms): I nebulize 1-3x a day.

Prevention: If I am healthy but was exposed to someone who is sick or was sneezed or coughed on by someone, I might nebulize once.

Hearing Protection

Consider purchasing ear protection if the motor of your nebulizer is loud (mine is).

I use 3M Pro-Grade Earmuff that I got at Home Depot.

Youtube video on how to nebulize

How to Use Your Nebulizer

Better to catch it early

Pulse Oximeter

Some of my favorite resources about Nebulizing


Free ebook - includes nebulizing instructions

Rapid Viral Recovery

Rapid Viral Recovery - book front cover